Université de Franche Comté. This is my primary teaching affiliation, located in Besancon, France. I lecture on various topics of electronics, physics and metrology.

FEMTO-ST Institute, a research laboratory with the CNRS. This is my primary research affiliation (as customary in France, professors lecture at the university, and carry on their research in an affiliated lab). I spend most of my time in this laboratory, at the Time and Frequency Dept.

INRiM, the Italian Institute of Primary Metrology, located in Torino, Italy. I have a honorary affiliation to the INRiM, and regular research collaborations.

ENSMM, the Technical University of Besancon. This is not an affiliation in strict sense, but where my office is located, and the The Time and Frequency Dept. of FEMTO-ST as well.

Past Affiliations

Université Henri Poincaré, (Université de Lorraine since July 2013). I got my first full-professor position there, in 2000-2006.

ESSTIN. The school of engineering at the Université Henri Poincaré, where I lectured Electronics in 2000-2006.

Politecnico di Torino. The technical university of Torino, my first permanent position as a researcher, 1990-2000.

As a Guest Scientist

JPL. I had great time as a visiting scientist in 2003-2006.

Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptic. I enjoyed spending (too little) time as a guest in this outstanding lab. Smart and friendly colleagues.

OEwaves. I enjoyed consulting with those smart and friendly people.

Università di Parma. As a guest professor, I lectured Electrical Measurements in 1993-1996.